Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Card Shark

 "Everybody wants to be a shark at the poker tables. We all want to have that ability to just take out other players at just the right time, either by leaping out of the water and then diving onto your prey.

Or, by waiting just under the surface, knowing that if you’re patient, something will happen and then you can strike.

By the way, this is how I lost $1,500 in a single hand thanks to a guy whose name I don’t remember. He watched each player at the tabe, hand after hand after hand and played very slow. It must have gone on for about thirty or forty hands that way, just very methodical. Then, in the span of ten hands, he’d taken out six of us, leaving two others, who he then devastated over the course of another five.

There’s other kinds of sharks, of course. There’s whale sharks, who take the long route over a series of games, barely getting by and sucking in enough financial plankton to wheeze through things for a while, but they get left behind by the rest of the players. They’ll usually limp out of a tournament early, but occasionally, an unwary player or will get slapped by their tail and find themselves wondering what happened.

Source: The Ultimate: Sharks. - UB Blog:

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