Monday, December 6, 2010

Fisherman investigated after illegal shark catch

Fisherman investigated after illegal shark catch - ABC News

The Department of Fisheries is investigating a Sunshine Coast fisherman who breached new shark laws.

The man caught a 2.8 metre bull shark at Eenie Creek in Noosa last month and failed to release it. The amazing thing about this catch is that the location was 14km from the ocean and the creek was estimated at only 3m wide and 5m deep where it was caught!

Under a state law brought in six months ago, the giant shark was almost twice the legal size of 1.5 metres.

Greg Bowness from Fisheries Queensland says if found guilty, the man faces a maximum penalty of up to $100,000.

'There are a number of options open to the department in relation to these issues so we'll look at the evidence before us and make a decision based on that,' he said.

'There has been a whole raft of changes made to fisheries legislation.

'It is really important for people who are going fishing that they are aware of the specific rules that apply to catching fish and that includes size and bag limits, closed areas and apparatus restriction.'

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