Monday, December 6, 2010


Gordon Ramsay Is Getting Thrown to the Sharks - Slashfood:

No doubt there are plenty of chewed-out former contenders from Hell's Kitchen that would like nothing better than to send Gordon Ramsay swimming with the fishes. Well, Britain's Channel 4 is going one better: They're sending the famously ill-tempered chef to swim with the sharks.

And not just any sharks -- bull sharks, perhaps the most aggressive species of shark, prone to unprovoked attacks on humans. (Hey Gordon, sound familiar?)

What might otherwise seem a desperate publicity stunt designed to showcase another side of an overexposed celebrity (presumably Ramsay won't be able to launch into an expletive-laden tirade underwater) is ostensibly for a good cause: It's part of Channel 4's series of programs called 'The Big Fish Fight,' aimed at educating viewers about the impact of overfishing.

According to The Guardian, Ramsay's dramatic contribution will be part of a larger investigation into the controversy over shark-fin soup, which leads to the killing of nearly 100 million sharks per year and had caused significant declines in the population of the ocean-going predator.

And from.... Gordon Ramsay swims with sharks on new Channel 4 program

In the kitchen Gordon Ramsay makes it crystal clear that he is at the very top of the food chain, but on his new Channel 4 program “Gordon’s Shark Bait” the foul mouthed chef will find himself in a new position, potentially as dinner.

On the show Ramsay tackles his “scariest challenge to date” when he swims with bull sharks to coincide with his investigation into the impact of shark fin soup—a delicacy that results in nearly 100 million shark deaths per year.

The program is part of a Channel 4 series airing in January called “The Big Fish Fight” that features celebrity chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal and Ramsay.

The aim of the series is to educate viewers on the diminishing stocks of fish worldwide and how the depletion of ocean life impacts everyday life.

Hopefully the chefs learn along with the audience.

One thing is certain, Ramsay better pray that his bull shark counterparts hold the “Hell’s Kitchen” chef in higher regards than he does vegetarians.

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